Best Vacuum Pet Hair Wood Floors

A vacuum cleaner for pet owners is not at all to frighten an unhappy little animal in the hope that it will stop shedding. And in order to effectively combat the consequences of molting. We tell about full-sized, able to cope with the hair and the consequences of canine and feline pranks.

What are the differences from a conventional vacuum cleaner?

The main thing is the presence of two turbo brushes: large and small, for furniture (but, by the way, there is not always a small turbo brush – even in special models). The turbo brush has a rotating roller in the center of the nozzle, which winds the hair and hair on itself. But the two turbo scrapers do not yet make the vacuum cleaner the right weapon in the fight against wool, several other parameters must be met:

  • High power (including suction)
  • Stably high suction power even when the dust bag is full (therefore, multi-cyclone systems or bag vacuum cleaners with an optimized aerodynamic flow are optimized to evenly fill the bag)
  • Hygienic (high class of exhaust filter HEPA – 13 or 14, in extreme cases EPA 12). If it is a bag vacuum cleaner, it is optimal to have an additional filter with activated carbon at the air outlet – this helps to eliminate the specific smell
  • The roller of the turbo brush should be driven not by the flow of air, but by electricity (because when the force of the airflow decreases, the roller generally stops spinning)
  • The roller of the turbo brush should be easy to get and clean, otherwise it can be completely tortured. Well, if there is a special device directly on the nozzle, or for opening it is necessary to use a conventional coin. If you need a screwdriver – it’s not the case.

Aquabox is a Thomas aquafilter with a lid. In the range of Thomas is a special model, but if desired, two turbo-brushes can be supplemented with any vacuum cleaner brand. Models with aquafiltration are good in that when cleaning a vacuum cleaner blows out moist air, in which flying dust “goes to decrease”.

This model is designed for both dry and wet cleaning (detergent vacuum cleaner), and for pumping liquid, if necessary – using the same aqua-box. The maximum power of the model is 1700 W, it is infinitely adjustable on the case.

For cleaning carpets there is a turbo-brush with an opening lid, for upholstered furniture – a nozzle with a special material separating the wool from the upholstery, for slots – an extended nozzle (36 cm). A total of four nozzles for dry cleaning and three for wet. Comes with ProTex concentrate to remove stains from textiles. The model is produced in Germany.

Inexpensive bag model, very powerful – the maximum power of 2400 watts, the nominal 1800 watts. The vacuum cleaner is adapted specifically for pet owners: a turbo brush and a nozzle for cleaning textiles and furniture and a mini turbo brush are included. Still there is a nozzle for a parquet and slotted – they are stored in a compartment of the case.