What is the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet?

iBoto Aqua

Each kind of carpet has certain requirements for its maintenance and operation. The most difficult for some models of robots vacuum cleaners for carpets to cope with cleaning a product with a long pile, whose length is 5 or more millimeters. Therefore, it is so important to choose a suitable modification of the device that will be able to cope as effectively as possible with all the tasks assigned to it. If you need vacuum for carpeted stairs read : 6 best vacuum for carpeted stairs spationigroon

Cleaning of different types of carpets

Special models of robotic vacuum cleaners are suitable for their operation in premises with such types of carpets:

  • tufted;
  • woven;
  • needle-punched (produced with the help of special needles without ears, having notches along their entire length);
    • with short nap (up to 3 mm);
    • with medium pile (up to 5 mm);
    • with a long pile (from 5 mm and more);
  • of natural wool;
  • of artificial materials and fibers.

The best robot vacuum cleaner for tufted carpeting: iClebo Arte Carbon

Most of the carpets present in the modern market are tufted products. Care of them requires special care, which can provide vacuum cleaner iClebo Arte Carbon. This modification of the device is suitable for cleaning carpets and floors, it effectively removes hair and hair. The distinguishing features of the iClebo Arte Carbon robot cleaner include the possibility of carrying out a dry and wet cleaning, which allows cleaning of the combined type of coatings.

Cyclonic filter, powerful engine and various types of brush devices ensure a high level of cleaning quality of tufted products. The capacity of its dust collector is 1 liter, and the productivity for 3 hours of its operation reaches 80 square meters. the area of ​​the house or apartment.

The best robotic vacuum cleaners for woven rugs: iBoto Aqua

iBoto Aqua

Woven carpets are practical flat textile products, the cleaning of which is not unnecessarily complex and time-consuming. To clean this type of coating is suitable for a relatively inexpensive and sufficiently productive vacuum cleaner iBoto Aqua. The manufacturer has provided for the possibility of cleaning carpets from dust using vacuum filtration technology. This model of equipment is also suitable for wet cleaning of the room, which greatly expands the range of possibilities for its application.

The best robot cleaner for carpets with short nap: Xrobot XR-510C ECOMARK

Despite the fact that removing dust and debris from the surface of short pile carpets is not too complicated and time-consuming task, the selection of the most suitable model of a robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning this type of carpet is important and necessary. A universal device for wet and dry cleaning, located in the below-average price category, you can name the model of the Xrobot XR-510C ECOMARK vacuum cleaner. Comparatively recently appeared in the modern market, this equipment has proved itself to be reliable, high-quality and productive.

Enriching the air in the room with silver nanoparticles and effectively destroying microorganisms in the surrounding space, the Xrobot XR-510C ECOMARK vacuum cleaner can become an indispensable assistant for various categories of consumers. It is suitable for families with children, users suffering from allergy to dust, as well as for the elderly, for whom cleaning the house and cleaning the carpet is too time consuming and energy-consuming.

The best robot cleaner for carpets with high pile: iRobot Roomba 776

Most carpet owners with a pile length of more than 5 mm are concerned with the question of whether a robot vacuum cleaner can cope with its cleaning? This type of coating requires a powerful and productive model of the device, such as iRobot Roomba 776. The iRobot Roomba 776 vacuum cleaner is able to cope with a deep and thorough cleaning of the carpet, the length of the pile which does not exceed 15 mm. It shows excellent results of cleaning and cleaning the carpet, which allows you to compare it with a high-power vacuum cleaner of the standard type. The manufacturer has provided in it a capacious container for garbage and dust in volume of 0,8 liters and a cyclone filter. Powerful and productive, the robot vacuum cleaner will perfectly cope with the cleaning of carpets.

The productivity of this device is determined by the length of harvesting – the robot vacuum cleaner for carpets with high pile gives much more time to the cleaning process of the coating than does an ordinary person. Due to this, small debris and dust, in large quantities present between the fibers of the carpet, is removed much more efficiently. It is important to know that such a model of equipment is not suitable for cleaning coatings with a relief pattern and a long fringe – the threads will be wound on the brushes of the vacuum cleaner, which can lead to its failure.

What are the advantages of such devices?

  • performance;
  • autonomy of work;
  • high quality of cleaning;
  • effective removal of dust, debris, hair and hair;
  • deep cleaning of carpets of various types;
  • wide range and price range.

Regardless of what type of carpet is available in your home, a reliable and trouble-free assistant in the form of a robotic vacuum cleaner will greatly facilitate and simplify the care for different types of floor coverings without direct human intervention.