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What is the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet?

iBoto Aqua

Each kind of carpet has certain requirements for its maintenance and operation. The most difficult for some models of robots vacuum cleaners for carpets to cope with cleaning a product with a long pile, whose length is 5 or more millimeters. Therefore, it is so important to choose a suitable modification of the device that will be able to cope as effectively as possible with all the tasks assigned to it. If you need vacuum for carpeted stairs read : 6 best vacuum for carpeted stairs spationigroonRead More »

Best Vacuum Pet Hair Wood Floors

A vacuum cleaner for pet owners is not at all to frighten an unhappy little animal in the hope that it will stop shedding. And in order to effectively combat the consequences of molting. We tell about full-sized, able to cope with the hair and the consequences of canine and feline pranks.Read More »